What is new about the new Kia cars

If you are looking forward to buying a new car, then it is time that you look no further than a Kia dealership near you. This is because Kia Motors has launched the most awaited cars of 2017, Kia Cadenza and an updated Forte. And the news about their launch is already doing the rounds and attracting public’s attention. In fact, it has been speculated that Melissa McCarthy, known for her outstanding acting, would also be featured in the launch advertisement of this car. There are several features in this car which have made it one of the most desirable cars in this year. Some of these outstanding features are explained in details below.


Colours: One of the first things which stand out while purchasing a car is the colour of the car. The Kia service makes sure that you get the car in some of the most favourite colours. Apart from the usual steel grey and black, the car is available in maroon, red, blue, brown, black and white. This satisfies the requirement of every individual as regards color.

Solar control glasses: At times, you might notice that the window glasses get heated to quite an extent if the temperature is very high. This also warms the inside of the car. However, the manufacturers have taken special care of this while designing the car. With their special solar control glasses, now you won’t feel the effect of the heat inside the car. It is successful in blocking the heat and restricting it outside so that the interiors of the car do not warm up. Just have a look at them next time you visit any Kia dealership near you.

Fog Lights: Visibility is of great concern when you are driving in the fog. In fact, with the advent of smog in contemporary times, it becomes all the more difficult to drive in early mornings or in late evenings. But the manufacturers have made sure to provide high visibility lights so that you can drive comfortably even during the foggy days. This is an added advantage for those who love driving and setting out on early morning road trips by car. Simply ask the sales executives in the Kia dealership to brief you on this feature.

Touch screen audio/video navigation:  Those who have used kia cars before, would be well aware of the fact that the navigation system of this car is way superior to most of the cars. This means that even if you get lost, you would be able to safely manage around your way and get back to the right track within no time. The efficient satellite guided audio and video navigation system makes it easier to find your destination even if you are not very sure about the roads.

Thus, these are the reasons why kia rio specials is one of the most awaited cars of this year. In case, you have been wondering for long to invest in your dream car, then this is one of the options that you have available at hand. To know more about this amazing car, you can browse through various online websites or log on to websites such as http://www.toowongkia.com.au/.