The Right Time to Buy New Tyres

Getting new tyres is not a job that most people look forward to but it is a necessary part of car maintenance. As with anything else, continued use of a vehicle will result in worn out tyres that will need replacing because they make driving unsafe. Knowing when the time is right for tyre shopping in Brisbane will keep you safe on the road and will contribute to the life of your car in addition to avoiding petty inconveniences on the road. Several aspects will factor in before you start looking through Brisbane tyres options.

Tread Depth

Yes, your tyres are worn out but how far gone are they? The tread depth is one of the most common indicators of worn out tyres, and you should know how to measure it to know if there is a need for replacement. Tread normally reduces the contact patch area when driving on a dry road but on a wet one; it enhances the grip of the tyre by dispersing water from the contact patch area. Typically, a depth of 1.6 mm is the minimum that a tyre tread should have but for a car that handles wet roads constantly, the recommended minimum depth is twice that. If your vehicle is past these measurements, then it is time to start looking at Brisbane tyres stores. Some new models come with tread wear indicators that you can use to time tyre replacement. Note that some tyres wear unevenly, so check tread depth across the entire face.


You can start shopping for new tyres if you are looking to upsize either for enhanced performance or improved aesthetics. It is common for drivers to get tyres of bigger sizes than the original fits that add a sporty look and handle well on the road due to a large contact patch area. One form of upsizing is increasing the wheel diameter, consequently decreasing a tyre’s aspect ratio.  Before upsizing, consider getting professional advice about the safety of a vehicle and the best tyres to use to match specifications.

Blisters and bulges

Tyres can also suffer other types of damages that necessitate replacement. A tyre can get blisters or bulges when it gets too weak from prolonged use, and this is a problem because these weak spots can eventually blow out, which can be very dangerous. Check for bulges and blisters on all tyres and replace as soon as they appear.

Sidewall cracks

Sidewall cracks are other issues that tyres develop during their lifespan, and they need addressing without hesitation. Cracks in the sidewall of a tyre are not hard to spot because they appear as cuts or tracks. One reason for this could be that there is a leak, or a tyre could be just old. Whatever the case, sidewall cracks can cause blowouts, so it is necessary to get prompt replacements.

You don’t have to wait until signs of wear start showing to consider the Brisbane tyres alternatives available. Even when a tyre still has sufficient tread, it may have other issues such a lost suppleness due to the evaporation of the moisture and oils usually present in tyres. Consider replacing tyres if they have been in use for more than five years and that includes the spare one.