Helpful Tips When Volunteering in Bali

Bali is a majority Hindu island in the majority Muslim Indonesia and also a major tourist destination in South East Asia.  It is an island that is culturally rich and with lots of natural sites to explore and beautiful beaches. Many visitors come to Bali for the holidays in order to explore the many volcanoes and mountains. It is the place to go to if you are looking for general quiet and peace as well as special cultural and culinary treats. In the recent years, it has also attracted many people who are volunteering overseas.

Many who volunteer in Bali also come to explore the islands’ many attractions. In the recent years, Bali has also been seeing a boost in the digital nomad population, location independent travelers and entrepreneurs drawn by this island’s unique culture and attractions.

Consider Responsible Volunteerism

Many Bali travel enthusiasts are generally looking for “voluntourism” opportunities. They want to make a difference where they can but they also want to have a good time while on the island. When picking volunteering opportunities, it is important to embrace responsible volunteering and that starts by choosing companies which are genuinely making a difference in the island. There are some volunteer companies that are in this just for the money and will offer you placement opportunities where you don’t have much to do to make an impact. In this kind of volunteer work, the money goes to the founders and there is little that goes into building Balinese communities. When signing up for volunteer Bali opportunities, don’t do it for selfish reasons. Be selfless in your approach and give yourself to the cause that you have signed up for. Check out

Think about what you can offer

Before you sign up for a volunteering overseas opportunity in Bali, it is important to take your time thinking about what you can offer and not rushing in without a clear idea on how you are planning to make a difference in the community. If you are planning to work in specific areas and not in general volunteer programs, you can even spend some time honing our skills and taking courses if you are not already fully qualified for the position. When choosing your volunteer placement organizations in Bali, check them out in order to ensure they are genuine and will offer you value.

Be realistic about what you can offer

When you are planning a volunteering overseas opportunity, it is important to be realistic about what you can offer. You can get opportunities for two-week volunteer opportunities but you are going to make little impact by only settling into a 2-week volunteer program. For maximum impact, it is best to opt for longer term opportunities if you can afford them.

Additionally, volunteering in remote communities will pluck you away from your area of comfort and it is important to be realistic with yourself on whether you have the mental strength to endure that. You will be exposed to poverty, illnesses, lack of sanitation and many other problems and it is important to be honest with yourself on whether you are ready for that.